Self Defence

Our Objective

We want to boost your morale, so you can face every situation with self-reliance. Prepare you mentally & physically…

Make you ready, alert & fit as safety is incomplete without these aspects.

Seminar Details

  • Demo / Presentation
  • Defense against certain simple holds
    Hand holds, neck chokes, etc. from a bigger person
  • Basic Moves & Attacks on pressure points
    Striking techniques, Clinching, Effective takedowns, etc.
  • Defense against certain simple holds
    Bear mugs, hugs, etc. from a bigger person
  • Escapes and Evasion
    Defending without fighting.
  • How to use a regular use objects effectively
    Pens, Pins, keychains, Kubotans, Tazzer Guns Mustard spray, pepper chilly powder Dupatta, Scarf defense, Belt Techniques
  • Awareness & Prevention / Words of advice

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Women empowerment by our female instructors….


• We present an overview of the issues surrounding awareness, protection, self defense for
women and an outline of the techniques available in some given situations with the help of reputed trainers from Shaolin Martial-arts association.
Vital Points of attack are: HAIR, Eyes, Ears, Face, Nose, Throat, Chest, Stomach, GROIN, Joints, Foot.
Basic Techniques: Slap Technique, Bite Technique, One Hand Relief, Two Hand Relief, Front Collar Technique, Back Collar Technique.
• Your mindset is your primary weapon:
Always scan an area before approaching and be alert while walking or driving (Avoid phone)
Be prepared and always hold your bag and pepper spray ready. Carry a pointed thing.
• Always check in with a friend or relative as to your whereabouts at any time of the day.
Keep your cell phone charged when travelling.
Traveling in a public transport, note down the vehicle number and let the driver know that you have informed someone about it.
Confront potential threat with a loud voice.
• Don’t walk alone at night; avoid areas with few people or areas not well lit.
• Use your nails, scream loud, move to nearby ATM’s, go to nearby residential buildings, etc.
Helpline numbers:
‘Travel Safe When Alone: 9969777888 – Sms the public transport vehicle which you are travelling on the mentioned dedicated no.
Mumbai Police Helpline For Molestation : 103/1090 /7738133133 / 7738144144

Sexual Harassment in Bus: 1800227550
Contact details:
• Mr. Ramkrishna Kotap: +91-9819475084, [email protected]